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Common Running Injuries

As a runner, it’s natural to want to push yourself to that next level. However, it is also easy to push yourself too far and sustain an injury. There are several types of injuries common to runners at all skill levels, but they can be avoided with the right training routine and form. 

  • Plantar fasciitis – The plantar fascia is a thick band of tissue that extends along the bottom of the foot. Inflammation caused by plantar fasciitis can cause significant pain and tightness in the heel of the foot that is usually worst in the morning. 
  • Ankle sprain – Rolling the ankle can lead to sprains, or stretching or tearing the ligaments in the joint. Sprains can keep you off your feet for weeks at a time and may lead to permanent instability in the ankles without proper treatment. 
  • Shin splints – With a shin splint, you may experience significant pain along the front of the leg. This type of injury is common in runners who ramp up their distance or speed too quickly. If you do have shin pain, it is important to seek medical treatment, as shin splints can feel very similar to stress fractures in the shin. X-rays may be necessary to determine the exact nature of your injury. 

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